Stape logs - no ATC, IC with error, but PUR was ok


I have the following situation.

No ATC events found in logs.

Begin Checkout had errors

But, PUR was received corectly.

How is this possible?
Also, please notice the timestamps, there is a 18 minutes difference between IC and PUR.

Hi Alin,

  1. Before we point fingers to logs, are you certain those are actually tracked? The fact that it’s missing for both Data Client and GA4 speaks to that potentially.

Do you have corresponding ATC event in your GA4 property? Do you have corresponding ATC in anything that you report to off of Data Client?

  1. Begin checkout errors:

HTTP 499 status code, also known as a “client closed request" ,indicates that the client has closed the connection while the server is still processing the request.

In practice this means that the page was left pretty quickly, since it’s begin_checkout I can assume it’s reported on click and you get redirected soon after.

Hi, @Dan

Doing some tests, I can see ATC in stape logs

No Begin Checkout

But the tag was fired

I am 90% sure that my setup is ok.

This is Begin Checkout tag in web side.

And this is GA4 Tag in SS.



Hard to say, most of the obvious explanations don’t fit here.

Any chance we can get added to the container to test? If not, can you please trigger same things again but this time provide screenshots of you Network tab filtered by /collect ? Both headers/URL and payload would be of interest

Sure. You already have access with for web and server container.
(alaplaya dot ro)

Did you find anything suspicious, @Dan?

Hi Alin,

I found no fault in the setup.

Our product team will investigate if there are perhaps some issues with logging and I’ll circle back with an update. Don’t have a timeline for you unfortunately, depends on their load-factor.



ok, thanks for informing me.

The product team validated your issue.
We are now working on fixing it.

Thanks for pointing us to it, and sorry for causing trouble.
I do not have a time range for when this will be fixed, but this issue has a high priority, and we will try to fix it as soon as possible.
I will notify you additionally when having any information.

Thanks, @Denis, for the info.

Not sure if this will help the product team, but I got this error from FB.

It might be related to the issue, I guess…