Server side sending false ''add to cart'' events


I’ve noticed that every day, im getting 3 server side add to cart event triggers that show up in the facebook event manager while I know that these are false events because why would it be triggered exactly 3 times everyday? Also the specification of the time of the event etc does not show up.

Any idea on why this is happening? I don’t like it because it’s giving me false numbers.

Thanks in advance!

How did you configure the web and server container ?
Did you use these instructions ?

I’ve configured everything using this tutorial. It’s the same thing only for shopify.

Im just wondering why the server is sending these 3 add to cart events everyday?

I don’t think it’s my setup because i’ve been testing everything and it’s working correctly.

It looks like you also use for web data-tag and for server container data-client.

I have the same problem. In my case it happens when “Request type” = POST. If I change to “Request type” = GET, it works and no fake events are created when publishing the container.
I think the problem in the data-tag

For some reason when publishing a web container three events are triggered for each. Check yourself, change something in the web tag and publish the web container, you will most likely get what you described above, as in this video

Ah i see. It’s weird tho because im not publishing my web container everyday and the other data tags are also ‘‘request type = post’’ and they are not firing.

Im gonna try and set it to GET and see if thatas works though. Thanks for the reply anyway and Ill keep you up to date!

For GET you will most likely need to reconfigure it.
For example, if you have parameters with arrays, you need to convert them to json type.
It didn’t work for me until I converted arrays to json and numbers to string

I have no clue how to do that… so hopefully someone can help me with the problem without changing alot of stuff

Can someone explain to me why it does this pls?

That happens when you are run debugging/publish container or if users come to your site with disabled js. (some bots)

Usually, we use allow list permission on Facebook and allow only needed domains.

Also, as an option, you can prevent triggering these requests. Use the following video as an explanation: What is and how can I get rid of it? - YouTube

Thank you for the answer! Because it said ‘‘gtm’’ i thought it had something to do with this service but it has not.

I checked out the video and the solution there is to edit the tag codes with this code:

‘’ <'script type=“text/javascript”>

if (‘’) == -1) {


< /script>’’

which i cannot do because it’s not a custom HTML tag. How/where can i implement this code to get it working? Thanks in advance!

In this case, you have two options:

  1. Block this domain using FB block/allow list.
  2. You can add check in trigger for this hostname and in this case, your tag will not fire on domain

Ok thankyou for the answer, im gonna try the 2nd option.

I’ve already blocked the domain in the events manager but sadly that only blocks browser events i think because im still seeing them.