PAge View Tag Won't Fire

Hi, I followed the steps in the blog post “Facebook conversion API for Shopify” and set everything up correctly. All three new tags were installed correctly and two of them ‘View Content’ and ‘Add To Cart’ fire correctly without any issues. However, the ‘Page View’ tag doesn’t fire on any of the website pages.

What could be causing this? and how can I fix it? any ideas?

Most likely you are using the wrong type of trigger for the page view.
Share a screenshot of your debug mode with open pageview tag summary and trigger settings, so it will be possible to say exactly what the problem is.

Hi Alex,

Thank you for your reply, here’s the screen shot.


Hi Tarek,
Try to use DOM ready trigger for page view events.

at website side, right?because I don’t have that option on server side :confused:

Thank you Alex, i did it from the Website side and it’s working now.

I am having the same problem with the Initiate Checkout tag, it is not firing at all, can you please have a look? I think I might have the event name wrong?

Did you try to change Data tag request type to GET?

More info can be found in this thread Facebook Conversion API user_data

Hi Denis, I just changed the request to GET and tested, still not firing.
Any other thoughts?

Did you check our post about GTM SS debugging?

What did you see in-network tab? Where is the request going, and with what data?

Hi Denis, I did watch it, but this is Chinese to me! I am not technical and need professional help with my Tags. Everything seems to be working fine, it’s just the Initiate checkout tag that is not firing. Could this be because it only fires once per user and because I am using the same browser it is no longer firing?

Without shopify plus (Enterprise Ecommerce Platform | Scalable Software & Solutions) you can’t track checkout pages.

If you have the trigger set to hit the /checkout page and you don’t have shopify plus, that’s why it doesn’t work.

Hi Alex, noted, thank you.