Facebook Conversion API user_data

Hey there, after installing your Facebook Conversion API tags on SS and also installing Data Tag/Client to my web/SS containers there is an error in user_data that Facebook is receiving from SS . How can I solve it?
I use your GTM-Server Plugin on WordPress and GTM4WP integration. Seems like all the data from the web container is sent to SS, but wanna know if that error is really bringing optimization issues?

Thank you is advance for your answer, you’re the best!
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How I understand you use Facebook Web + our Facebook tag for the server side. In this case, it’s for sure much better than only using Facebook Pixel.

You get this error because Facebook wants to stimulate you to send more data about users when you don’t send everything you have.

Basically, if the error is a yellow color, as in your case, that’s more like notice and not an error.

In any way, you can try to send purchase events using the GET method in the Data tag. In some cases, not all necessary cookies send with POST requests.

Data Tag GET

Thank you! The pixel was installed with an Wordpress Plugin and it didn’t let me deduplicate that events, so I was force to move the FB Pixel intro the GTM, and because of difference of data that error disappear