X-Stape-User-ID vs 1st Party Cookie for Tracking Users

I want to identify and track users so when someone lands on the site on day 1, but purchases on say day 30 I can attribute the sale to the original traffic source.

How accurate/reliable is X Stape User ID for this or should I use First Party Cookies?

What would you guys suggest for attribution best practises?

My workflow was going to be something like this (using 1PC):

  • check if user has existing cookie stored containing UUID
  • if not, create UUID and store as cookie and send data to backend along with traffic source
  • when they make a purchase, check for stored UUID data and assign to purchase


You should definitely use your own cookie that will be set via HTTP from your backend so that ITP restrictions don’t affect it. And you can use this cookie in the Cookie Keeper settings to recover marketing cookies based on it.

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this is what I ended up doing. Thanks Alex

Hey Van,

Heading down the same process, out of curiosity did you use the initial X Stape User ID for the cookie?

I ended up making my own uuid when the user lands on the site for the first time and storing that as a cookie