X-ga-gcs question


Even if I am not using CookieBot (I am using CookieYes), I am trying to learn from this article how to manage the consent for server side tags.

Sadly, CookieYes does not have this feature that is mentioned in the article.

"Cookiebot has a feature that works together with Google Tag Manager that enables you to modify tag behavior depending on users’ Consent. Some tags, mostly Google Tags (Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Floodlight), have built-in consent checks.
Server Google Analytics 4 will adjust its behavior based on consent configuration in web GTM. There is no configuration in server GA4 as needed. All the setup is done in web GTM. "

But, my question is related to this paragraf from the article.

5.1 Advanced consent mode in GA4.

In this case, we will use anonymized GA4 requests to server GTM and modify Facebook CAPI triggering based on the value of the GCS parameter. Facebook conversion API tags should trigger when ad_storage cookies are allowed. In this case, the GCS parameter should be either 110 or 111.

5.1.1 Create a new variable in server GTM that will read the GCS parameter from the GA4 request. Use the event data variable type and add x-ga-gcs to the key path.

I remember that Stape’s recommendation si to use Data Client for FB tags in SS. Now, in the article, I see that in the trigger the client is GA4.
Yea, I know that x-ga-gcs is available only in GA4 events, but should I switch from DT to GA4 client for my FB tags in SS, or could be a workaround so I can stick with DT but somehow have access to x-ga-gcs?


Cookieyes supports Google Consent Mode, so you can use this without much difference.

But if you have Facebook using Data tag hits, then why don’t you just block Data tags if there is no marketing consent?

But if for some reason you need to check consent on serve side - there is a consent checkbox in DT, it will pass Google Consent Mode statuses to event data:

It won’t transmit it in x-ga-gcs format, but that doesn’t change the point much

Thanks, @Alex for you reply.
I will try your way to see how it goes.