Wrong event in Stape Pinterest Tag

Hi Stape. I’m using the Stape Pinterest CAPI tag (server container) along with the Stape Data Tags (web container). Unfortunately, it seems that the “View Item” event from the Data Tag is translated to a “Custom” event in the Pinterest CAPI tag – instead of the equivalent “PageVisit” event. I can of course create a Pinterest CAPI tag for every event to solve this, but I just wanted to let you know, as I don’t think this is the intended behaviour of the tag.

Skærmbillede 2024-05-31 kl. 14.57.07

there is no view_item in pinterest, page view will send so just include the payload in page_view

I know :slight_smile: But shouldn’t the Pinterest CAPI tag then be programmed to understand view_item and page_visit? :slight_smile:

I’ve solved it using a transformation:

Hi Kasper,
Pinterest documentation does not suggest transforming view_item to page_visit: Pinterest Developers, so it’s up to a user to define the events in a custom way