Why our server side solution don't work for every adblocker?


i am able to bypass this adblocker https://getadblock.com/en/:
Surf the web without annoying pop ups and ads!
for https://survey.alchemer.com/s3/6666038/TEST-Conversion-Test/:
[TEST] Conversion Test using
custom gtm loader with custom subdomain but it is not bypassing this
adblocker uBlock Origin - Chrome Web Store
uBlock Origin - Chrome Web Store

Please let me know what to do here as we are using your hosting for
trialfacts server container

Some adBlockers block any request that looks like GA hit request. (Starts with /collect)

Did you use the Data tag?
Did you check this article?

Yes, i setup custom sub domain using that doc but my concern is why one of the adblocker is blocking & other not

Also, there is no use of data tag & client if adblocker blocks web gtm itself

If you are using our GTM custom loader any adBlocker will not block the loading of GTM. Can you share a screenshot of the network tab of your browser where you see that your GTM is blocked?

I have mentioned page as well as ablocker which block this request, so can’t you test in your browser?

Hello Agarwal,

  1. Your GTM load is not being blocked see below:

  1. Your g-tag does get blocked, but this has nothing to do with our solution

  2. Lastly, your call to Data Client return 400, which means that most likely you have not published it within the server container

Kind regards,

yes, you are right even i checked this yesterday bymyself but that data tag and client both are published in web and server container.

Agarwal, well there’s not much I can do from here.

if you could share your containers to dan@stape.io - I’ll take a peek.

i added you @Dan in both web and server container

The reason your Data Tag fails is you got incorrect Transfer URL set.

You had ‘https://tft.vitalresearch.co/’ which made request go to https://tft.vitalresearch.co//data iso /data

If you were to look into server debug, you would find that those calls were handled by no client:

So bottom line, that’s a config fault, not anything within the templates or hosting. Devil is in the details

Happy tagging :slight_smile:

Thanks for your help @Dan my issue is fixed now & able to bypass every ad blocker to setup FB conversion api

Great, good luck with your tracking and measurement.