Where to find Event name to use as trigger

from your tutorial (How to Setup Facebook Conversion API - YouTube) at the minutes 8:00, when you click the button you have a view_item event which is fired on your server.
Where is this view_event coming from? In the tutorial it was never created before. This is why I am a bit confused.

You quickly mention somethign about the fact that the view_item event was created in Google Analytics.
Does it mean that you have already created that specific event in the WEB GTM CONTAINER? or it is in the SERVER GTM CONTAINER?

Every time I need to create a new event, do I have to create it first in Google Analytics in order to see the right varaible name in the Preview mode?


@Francesco_C Yes, you need to send data from the Web Google Tag Manager to the Server Google Tag Manager.

You have two options of setting up FB server-side tag:

  • inherit from the client. If you choose this method, then the Facebook tag will listen to the client (for example, Universal Analytics client) and map all UA data to the Facebook data. The trigger, in this case, should be Client Name equals Universal Analytics (or any other client). It means that the Facebook tag will listen to all requests from the UA client. This method will work if you set up Server Side Universal Analytics.
  • override. If you choose to override, then you need to set up all Facebook events manually. And to do that, you need to have events and parameters inside the server container.

You have these options of sending data to the server container:

I’ve attached a screenshot with examples of sending data to the server container. The first screenshot using Data Tag. https://gtm-server.com/sending-data-from-google-tag-manager-web-container-to-the-server-container/. The second one is sending data using server-side Universal Analytics. I’m using custom dimensions to send event data (like user email, event ID).

Screenshot 2021-05-06 at 08.40.31 Screenshot 2021-05-06 at 08.31.04

Hi Ira,
thanks for your answer.
I chose the override option to set up the FB sever side tag.

Let’s say I choose the option of sending data to the server container with Universal Analytics.

Where did you created your Tag “SERVER GA - EVEN - LEAD” (the one in your second screen shot). Did you place it in the WEB GTM or the SERVER GTM?

I also see from your screenshot the “{{GA Server Variable}}” under google analytics settings.
Do you have any tutorial which explains how you created that variable? I guess that variable contains all Custom Dimensions listed in the screenshot (e.g URL - name , URL - email etc…). Is that right?
And is it because of this variable that GTM can send all the parameters you want to the server?

Thanks again!

Sorry one last question.
Why did I not have the need to create any tag to send data to the server when I created my FB Standard Event - PageView (below my screenshots) in the SERVER GTM?

I simply followed your tutorial, imported your template and everything worked.

Is it because I already had, in my WEB GTM, a Google Analytics: Universal Analytics tag which has Page View as Track Type and it is sending the required info to the server?
Here the screenshot of my WEB GTM, GA:Universal Analytics Tag

If that’s the reason, I think I understood the process.

  1. Tag “SERVER GA - EVEN - LEAD” is created inside the Web container.
  2. {{GA Server Variable}} contains my Tagging server URL.
    Inside the Web container, you should have a Google Analytics tag with an updated tagging server URL (it’s basically server-side Google Analytics) for each event you want to track with the help of Facebook conversion API.

We have these two guides on setting up server-side Universal Analytics and GA4

I made it! Thanks a lot

Hi Francesco, I have the same problem. I need to use Facebook conversion API only for the “lead” but I can’t understand how to implement this… I have only a pageview event… and also I cannot pass all the user and event parameters t improve the quality facebook side… can you explain to me how you did it? thanks so much… I’m becoming crazy to fix this issue… (in the mean time I will try with previous messages above here)

Hi elboss,
I used Universal Analytics to pass the info to the server. The process is the following:
You first need to create a TAG in the WEB container which pass the data to the server.

Inside this TAG you should put all variables you need. For each variable you have to create first a custom Google Universal Analytics dimension to define the index number.
Check on Youtube how to add a custom dimension to GTM from Universal ANalytics

Once the information is sent to the server, you create a TAG in the SERVER Container with the tempalte provided by GTM-Server and you pass the information to FB or GA.
Again, within this TAG you should mirror all variables you have created in the WEB Container which you want to send to FB or GA. You find a post here which explain this latter step.

thank you Francesco, in this moment I stuck to extrapolate the user dataLayer from facebook… I don’t understand how to do that… I was able to create dataLayer but only if I create a static one, not dynamic (I condigured also a dynamic data layer variable inside the gtm that works… but take the static variable that I wrote into the code of the page)…

I wrote into the page:

window.dataLayer.push({ 'event_name': 'generate_lead', 'ip_override': 'ip', 'user_agent': 'user agent' }); Just to make a test and I can read ip_override, but he read value: ip and NOT the real ip address and I don't know why! Suggestion by your experience?

I actually use the GTM4WP plugin to send data to the dataLayer. Obviously you have less flexibility but so far it’s enough for me.

However, in your case, I think that GTM sees “ip” as a constant simply becasue you did not “inform” GTM that “ip” is a variable.

Before the dataLayer.push you should write somethign like

var ip = {{insert here the dynamic variable}}.