Where do I see the traffic difference server vs. browser?

I am newbie in server side tracking. Have now initially set up everything for server side tracking GA4. Now my first question, how / where do I see the difference between server & browser traffic? Can I make a reporting e.g.: with Google Looker Studio (former Data Studio) or how do I have to proceed.

Hello Marc,

  1. If you’ve implemented proper server-side tracking for GA4 then you’re not any longer running browser reporting, so there’s isn’t exactly anything to compare

  2. If we model a situation where you actually run both - there is no standard metric/dimensions/report that would let you compare the source of reporting.

  3. Again, if we assume that you actually run both (which in GA4 case would be over-reporting) you could achieve what you’re looking for with cusom parameters, that is set some sort of flag exclusively on the server tag(s) and then compare event with it vs. w/o

Hi Dan,

So it is not possible to do server-side-tracking alongside client-side-tracking?

So for say: if you want to let client-side-tracking run in the ‘old’ GA4 datastream. And you make another GA4 datastream to track with server-side-tracking. So not in the same datastream?

So all the tags in (the same GTM Container) are seperated: CST en SST.

Or does keep client-side-tracking running give any issues with server-side-tracking?