What to do after I changed my hosting provider?


Recently I changed my hosting provider so, should I re-deploy SS container?
(right now is not working - I already added the same A record - from the “old hosting” and I am not sure if it’s a DNS thing or smth)
Is there anything else to be aware of after such a move?

I also consider using the woo plugin.
Until now (this hosting provider change) I did not use it, but since I guess I have to do some re-setup, maybe it’s a good idea to test the plugin.

Other than remove the snippet that I am using to install GTM on my website should I do smth more?
If I want to use data layer from the plugin, should I just remove GTM4WP and take a look at the variables inside GTM (to be sure that the paths are just fine) ?


Hi @Alin_Tatarca

Sorry for the wait.

If you have already made a new DNS record, you do not need to change anything else. Please make sure it is correct.

The WP plugin automatically adds a snippet to your site, so you will need to remove the other loader to ensure that the container is not loaded twice.
Yes, you can remove GTM4WP for now and check how the datalayer from our plugin works for your site.
Some event names may differ.

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Hey, @Dmytro

Thanks for your reply.
No worries for the delay, I saw that you guys had some good time at Measure Camp, and tbh I am a little bit jealous. :slight_smile:

Regarding DNS, yeah, it was a matter of time, all good now after DNS were propagated.
As for DL, I will monitor to see the event names.