What tags do I need on the GA4 web container?

I setup Google Analytics GA4 Configuration tag - fire on all pages.

But, I can’t see ecommerce events in analytics,

Do i need to have two tags on the web container? Meaniing add:
Google Analytics GA4 Event - fire on all pages to web container?



GA4 Configuration tag by default will send page_view events + the auto-collected ones you have enabled in your GA4 interface.

In order to receive ecommerce events you need to setup ecommerce event reporting, and yes you need GA4 - Event tag for that, properly configured to read the data layer or send event payload explictly.

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Hi, yes of course, you need to configure each event separately based on your data layer and also fill these events with the parameters you need.
There are a lot of detailed manuals and videos on the internet about how to configure GA4, here is an example of one of them: How to Set Up GA4 E-commerce Tracking (Complete Guide) - YouTube

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Thank you.
I thought that the configuration will transfer all events so I removed it.

Now the tag is set again and I to use regex on the trigger like so:

The events are seen in the web preview and in the server tag preview in a short delay.

The qustion is why I still cant find these events in the stape.io log ?

what events specifically are you not seeing? I checked your logs and it’s full of events.

Also keep in mind logs are not exactly real-time, there is about ~30 delay

There are “unknown” and “other” events but I see only very few ecommerce events from the last hours and there should be much much more.

For instance view items are only some from 4-5 hours ago.

There are few potential reasons for this:

a) some of your events are not actually routed through server container but are sent directly to analytics property, the most common reason for this is that event fires before the configuration tag and as such transport_url is not provided

b) GA4 is batching some of your requests, meaning multiple events are sent in one hit, when this happens hits are sent using POST method (actually there are other cases when this happens too) rather then GET. Due to nature of proprietary GA4 Client we are not currently parsing POST request body (which in this case would contain all the info including event name) so such logs are recorded as ‘Unknown’

If you’re looking for better precision in your logs (although events land in GA4 as you say) I suggest you configure this tag Tag Manager Template Gallery they way you want it. Logs recorded by this tag will be shows in Other Logs tab of your container interface on Stape.

Hi Dan, Thank you for sticking with me :slight_smile:

Two concerns i have

  1. I proxyed my urls so instead of using googletagmanaer.com I am now using my sub.mydomain.com.
    Did it as this is recommended by google and only that is considered as first party action and I don’t see errors on the console. Is that ok/allowed?

  2. Is it ok with stape.io to use {{event}} and then use regex on the trigger to fire when one of the listed: view_item_list|view_item|view_cart … etc’… ?
    Or should I declare a tag for each event?

many thnaks

It seems that I had the wrong trigger on the server tag.

Thanks for the support. :+1:

  1. That is more then OK and it’s something you should do!

  2. Technically - no issues there. And there are no differences in stape / gcp in this particular context.

in principle, if your DL events match actual GA4 event names then you’re good. Myself I prefer to have explicit tags for better transparency and maintainability, but that’s more of a personal preference

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