What is the name of the cookie set by the Cookie Keeper?


I have a setup where the root domain is on WordPress and a subdomain is on another platform. I want to use the Cookie Keeper on both.

My first thought is to enable the Cookie Keeper via your WordPress plugin. Then, for the subdomain, I would add the Custom Loader via the generated custom code. For the Cookie Keeper, I would choose “Cookie” as the User Identifier name.

However, I am struggling to find the exact name of the master cookie set on the WordPress root domain.

Is there a way to find it or should I use another method to answer my goal?

hey @andreib cookie name is _sbp, in your scenario however cookie keeper will function on the subdomain only if user has previously visited the WP site (where the cookie in question is set).

Thanks @Dan !

Then, for my current situation I think I’ll skip this method for now.