Webhooks Refund GA4


When we use refund webhook do we able to see it in GA4 or do we need to take extra steps to get that event info to GA4.

I installed according to tutorials but I can’t see refund event in GA4. How long it take to process refund event I don’t know.

Please guide me about it

Yes, you can send to GA4, nothing is stoping you. Normal latency on GA4 is 24-48h.

I setuıp the webhooks according to your youtube video guide for Wordpress. I tested the webhook and it send the data at least.

I can’t see any other configuration details that needs to be done on GA4 side or GTM side.

I can’t see any refund data. My question is do I need to any configuration change in GTM or GA4.

If not refund is not working I am sorry


Where the webhook configuration mentioned

4. How to use webhook data for setting sGTM tags

This step highly depends on your goals and technology stack. For example, you can send offline events to Facebook or Google Ads. Or you can notify your sales or marketing department about new orders using Slack or Telegram tag for sGTM.


I fail to undestand your question, you own screenshot shows that the tag is not firing:

so you need to make it so that it does, by adding a proper trigger

Thank you Dan,

I follow your tutorial exactly listed above. So I hope you give some clue how we can trigger it.
Refund event uses webhook. And we use woocommerce refund functionality from wordpress admin site.

And everyone follows your tutorials to setup their server side tracking. Furthemore, most of them have avarage knowledge about google tag manager.

If your solution is not for avarage people please tell me I will continue to use client side tracking with a wordpress plugin.

Thank you

Hello @ksaltik,

First of all let me say we don’t divide people into average or not, we strongly believe that GTM is an accessible tool, and given enough effort can be mastered by anyone.

That being said, our videos and articles are predicated on you knowing the very basics such as triggers, variables and tags. Let’s look at your case:

a) you have an incoming webhook with refund event
b) you are not firing ANY tags on that incoming event

So you’ve done the ‘receive’ part, but not the ‘send’ part. Please checkout screenshot below, this should bring you some clarity, if not - please reply to this message and I’ll elaborate further.

Hello Dan,

The trigger also not firing with purchase webhook. Do it need to trigger something.
As I said before I have followed the exact tutorial and can’t see the refunds in Google Analytics 4 interface.

Maybe I am the only non-technical person here and onlyone wants to track refunds.

Incoming Event comes through webhook.

I have already defined every type event as trigger also.

according to the screenshot, this trigger is not added to the GA4 Tag.

This is how tutorials setup the webhooks. I see here nothing fired

Hello Dan,

Okey thank you. I added thge All ecommerce events to GA4 Tag.

You are awesome. Without seeing the actual setup I know it is hard to find problem.

Also thank you for your patience.

The trigger fired and data sent to Google Analytics 4