Webflow DNS GTM Server container

Is it possible to setup a GTM Server container with Staple with Webflow website?


Yes, you can set up and use a server-side GTM container regardless of the CMS/platform of your website.

But it doesn’t work when I need to connect my custom domain (subdomain) as Webflow work as a proxy.
How to find another way?

Here is my setup in Stape:

Here is my DNS in Namecheap:

Thanks for your help

Looks like you need to delete the CNAME ‘stape’ to leave only one A record with IP
Now if you check both the CNAME records and the other IP addresses on your subdomain are displayed, so your subdomain is still verifying.

Thanks, I updated it!
But it is still verifying.
Don’t know if I need to wait or if I did something wrong.

Yes, everything looks correct now. Validation can take up to 72 hours, although it usually happens within a couple of hours

It’s working thanks a lot!

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