View_item_list with shopify integration

Hey There,

Wondering if anyone is using the GA4 property for view_item_list from the shopify app integration?

Im assuming the name is view_item_list_stape and the array if items in just ecommerce.items ?

@Chris_Bradley hello, if you refer to our Shopify app, your push would be ‘view_collection_stape’ and yes, it’s in GA4 format, so ecommerce.items would return to you the array you’re looking for.

Hey Dan,

Thanks, there doesn’t happen to be a list of the event names does there from the shopify app?

Not really, we should probably make one.

Keep in mind that the app might not fire some of the events on some specific themes/stores. Very hard to account for all possible cases

Just looked at the payload and it looks like the e-commerce.item array is already within it. Thanks

@Chris_Bradley all events pushed by the app will be in GA4 dataLayer format, so you can expect ecommerce object there at all times

Hey Dan,

Would be a super helpful to understand what it can send :slight_smile: and diagnose if/why.

Kind of hunting through debug trying to trigger events at the moment and not really sure what’s in the event.

If you don’t mind me asking, is it pulling the event data from analytics.subscribe() in shopify? and if so due it pass all the information from the event to stape container?

FYI - added a feature request as I think it would be great.

Ok, that makes sense.

no the app does not utilise pixel_api presently and collects data through other means, pixel_api (analytics.subscribe) has it’s own problems in our experience, we sometimes use it as additional source on top of DL pushed by the app

Hey Dan,

ok, thanks for letting me know. Just trying to find a schema of events and the matches :slight_smile:

Sorry to bother again,

But is the source of the event data server side for the app?

Shopify provides a list of objects that you can use in the Liquid theme. Based on it, we generate event data.

Thanks, I know liquid quite well just wasn’t sure on the underlying source :slight_smile: