Using Stape to connect BigQuery to FB CAPI most directly

I’m looking into how to connect BigQuery to FB CAPI most directly.
Is there any avenue to do so via Stape?

Can I pass data from BigQuery to Stape to FB CAPI?

Or is there a faster route?


You can POST your BQ data to server container URL, map incoming request and fire FB tags off of those.

A faster route would be POSTing to FB CAPI directly.

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Wow that was quick thanks!
I’ll need to wrap my head around both those sentences - sooner enough I’ll get the details.

If you could elaborate that’d be awesome to set me on my research path.
However, you’ve done enough already - much appreciated.

ChatGPT told me this based on your kind input:

The suggestion means that you can send data from BigQuery to Facebook Conversions API (CAPI) by using a server container to map the incoming data and fire off Facebook tags.

Here are the steps to execute this approach:

  1. Create a server container: You can use Google Tag Manager or another server-side solution to create a container that will receive incoming data from BigQuery.
  2. Set up a data mapping: In the container, you’ll need to create a data mapping that maps the incoming data from BigQuery to the appropriate Facebook tag parameters. This mapping will vary depending on the type of data you’re sending and the Facebook events you’re tracking.
  3. Fire Facebook tags: Once the data is mapped, you can use the container to fire off Facebook tags based on the mapped data. This will send the data to Facebook CAPI and trigger the appropriate events.
  4. Test and troubleshoot: Before deploying the solution, it’s important to test and troubleshoot the container to make sure the data is being sent correctly and the events are being triggered.

Overall, this approach requires some technical expertise and may require assistance from a developer or experienced digital marketer. It’s important to understand the data mapping requirements and the Facebook tag parameters to ensure that the data is being sent accurately.

Hi again,

Well I can’t exactly give you a step by step manual for the case, so let’s break it down into couple of abstractions:

  1. You need to have it so your BQ (or some sort of app that queries BQ) sends requests towards a particular URL with the payload you need, can you achieve that?

  2. Once you’ve achieved that you can deal with that data in GTM and send it towards CAPI. See here for example Send data from CRM to Facebook conversion API using webhooks - Stape

Also, if you need help with item 2, you can hire Stape agency to do it.

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This is perfect @Dan It’s got me on the path.