User provided data to ga4 hash

Hello wonderful community!
In ga4 admin you can choose to accept user provided data, i have consent mode v2 advanced implemented, with server side tagging.
While gtag.js encrypts the data itself, sending these data in gtm server said would need pre hashing as far as i understand. Google documentation is very google style in this, and i can’t get answers to these 2 questions:

  1. sending server side dato to measurement id gets hashed?
  2. if answer to first question is no (as i understood) what are the parameters name to be sent in hashed format? There is one single google page that says format via api should be: user_data.sha256_email_address and so on… but does this apply to gtm too?

Thanks for taking time reading and answering my maybe stupid question

No, no pre-hashing is not needed, data will reach server container explicitly and will be then hashed before ending up in analytics/google ads. You’re good

Thanks for getting back to me!
If it hashes it, how comes in ga4 debug i see the plain mail address under user properties? This is what confuses me

How are you sending it? can you show?

Just checking the send user provided data flag in the event tag.

I decided not to send to ga4 user data anyways…there is actually no need to do that, I just wanted to understand and increase my knowledge.