User id Power Up

Hi all, i’ve activate the User ID power up, but now i’ve noticed that i’ve got GA4 traffic a lot of unassigned. I suppose is because i’ve only user id on server side and not in client side. There is a way to solve and add same user id to client side?


Simply activating the power-up does nothing except for adding a X-Stape-User-Id header to all your requests to the server. If you didn’t then use that header explicitly then nothing in your reporting was/is affected.

Unassigned traffic can be due to a lot of reasons, but it definitely has nothing to do with client/server-side differences. Moreover, that premise is wrong, your GA4 data flow should like this:

web → server → google analytics

If you have any of the hits going like web → google analytics then that’s likely the cause of your issue, since client-side hits and server-side hits rely on different cookies.