User data not problem (developer hired)

Hi! I hired a developer to fix the problem with user data not pass from web to server. After he asked me to ask a question. He said to me:

“I was trying everything for the last 3 days and it is not getting the data from web-container no matter what I have done. Also tried to push code manually using gtag js and still not working”

We try to used JS to set values that persist across all the subsequent using below
gtag(‘set’, {‘email_address’, ‘test’});

But it’s not work

This tag by default added from google analytics

How to fix the problem? Because now seems catch the email (user data) but not pass from web to server.


We added a more detailed description of how to use Data Tag/Data Client to this blog post
Also planning to record a video showing how to send data from web to server using GA4 and Data Tag/Data Client. The video should be available on our YouTube channel in 2 weeks.

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I forward to the developer, hope we can fix it with your help!