User_data and Google Ads Remarketing

I have been using Data Client for facebook and pinterest server tagging. However, for Google Ads and Google Analytics, I have been stuck with GA4 client. I notice that if I specific user_data on the client side of GTM, the Data Client will actually get it on the server side. I could not find the user_data field through GTM preview for GA4 client. I have been trying to use hashed email_address as user_id. Do you guys use Data Client or GA4 client for Google Ads tag?

Additionally, Google Ads Remarketing on the server side has been failing. There is no out going requests, and the console says my remarketing events should have been conversions. Has Google Ads Remarketing Tag for Serverside work for anyone? My conversion tag works just fine.

I would recommend using GA4 for all google platforms. Since there is no source code of google tags, it is impossible to know exactly what parameters are used in tagging operation. So for all google platforms it is better to use GA4 hits, and for all non google platforms it is possible and better to use Data Client.

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Yes. I’m using GA4 for all Google Platforms, but when I passed in User Data to GA4 only (as a User Defined Variable in GTM,) it’s not showing up in eventData on server side. Data Client, for some reasons, is actually catching it.

There aren’t any restrictions on this so it’s some local configuration error of yours. GA4 receives user data in event data fine, I haven’t encountered any problems with it.
Try experimenting with this. And by the way, don’t send it in the user data section of the tag, send it in the event parameters - maybe that’s your problem.

I will try that and see what I can get. However, to anyone having the same problems at me, here’s my setup.

Data Tag Client Side:

GA4 Client Tag Set up:

Data Client’s eventData serverside (notice how street is repeated as a normal parameter, with another one in userData)

GA4 Client for the same event has no parameters related to userData.

I manually set to send user_data as custom parameters for GA4 client. Unfortunately, I still don’t see user_data showing up in eventData :frowning: However, I do notice user_data_mode is set to “c.”