Use existing GTM container

Hello everybody,
to manage scripts for my site I’m using a standard GTM container containing the GA4 Tag + other tracking tags.

Now I’d like to switch to GA4 Server Side and I was wondering: is there a way to import an existing GTM container inside a GTM Server-Side container?

I’ve tried using the export/import feature, but I get an import error:

I’m quite new to server-side tracking, so maybe I’m missing something.

Thank you!


It does not work like that, server containers are a different entities, not you only you can’t import/export like you’re trying - you should not be attempting anything of the sort.

I suggest you familiarise yourself more with the concept, a good start would be this: Server-side tagging vs client-side tagging - Stape

Hi Dan,
thank you for the answer and for the link.

I reframe the problem: I have an existing GTM container (not server-side) containing several triggers and tags.

Is there a way to connect the previous GTM container to the Server-side container in a way I don’t have to replace the entire configuration from the old container?

Thank you

Ok I guess I can answer myself: I just need to set “Send to server container” option in the GA4 Tag of the old container.

Hi @Chubby0947

You need to do that yes, plus setup a tag on the server container as well. Just sending hits towards the server container is not enough - something needs to receive them and send to your GA property