Usage and request in billing cycle

Hi all :slight_smile:
I’ve created some GTM Containers and I setup GA4 with Google Tag Manager Server Container guide (rif.: How to set up Google Tag Manager Server Container - Stape).

GA4 is correctly tracking visitor and behavior but in I don’t see the progress bar of usage increasing.

Sometimes I see some requests but after some day this number is equal to zero.

I think that is a problem with some configuration, can you help me?

Thank you in advance,



All is fine on your side.
We had issues with request calculation this weekend inside the Stape EU hosting for some clients. That’s why we decided to clear all requests from your account that were not counted properly.

Sorry for this inconvimient. At least you got a few days of hosting for free :slight_smile:

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Thank you Denis.

Have a nice day.


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