URL to preview container?

Is it possible to directly target the preview container?

I have the requirement from a client to run the sGTM measurement container on another machine (not Stape) but would like to use Stape for hosting the preview conainer. Such a configuration would be possible if I can target the URL of the preview container. I did not see this information anywhere on the Stape dashboard.

Is this possible with Stape?


I’m not sure I understand your requirement - preview doesn’t require any specific settings, you can point a subdomain to Stape (or use default Stape one provided in your container) and use that as your preview URL.

So long as you send hits towards that URL - it will show up in preview.

Okay, my request is not clear. Looking at the Google docs, sGTM needs two servers (a “preview” server and a SST server/cluster) (see دليل الإعداد اليدوي  |  Google Tag Manager - Server-side  |  Google for Developers). These two servers have different URLs. I need a handle on the preview server URL (the one given in environment variable PREVIEW_SERVER_URL). Stape seems to only expose the SST server URL, but the preview URL must be publicly available somewhere.

@Joost_Jansky that is a GCP specific sort of configuration, like I said before we don’t distinguish preview/non-preview URLs on Stape.

If you want to run preview and test some events - you can use the deafault Stape url or point a custom subdomain to your container’s IP.

I am pretty sure you need to do the same on your infrastructure, you have simply abstracted this implementation detail away from the user. This makes sense, because as you say, the preview mode works by accessing the Stape URL (this is the entry point for all requests).

In any case, I’d like to have a GCP container for the “SST server” that points with PREVIEW_SERVER_URL to the preview server hosted at Stape. Maybe you can ask the infra team at Stape, if this is possible?

Abstracted or not, the only way you can interact with containers hosted on Stape is by sending hits (in preview or not) to the URL listed in you hosting instance (default and/or custom).

I don’t have any experience doing what you ask here, so… give it a shot on GCP? From Stape’s side nothing changes in this regard

Okay, thanks. Then the answer is no. I might consider opening a feature request at Stape.