Urgent : probleme traking purchase in shopify

Hi all,

It’s been 6 days, I was able to upload my purchase even though it worked very well before I installed the Google & YouTube application or maybe due to another reason I don’t know. I set up Stape through the Shopify Stape app, and all events seem to work fine, including “add to cart” and “start checkout”, both in the web containers and on the server.

However, every time I try to make a purchase, the purchase event does not fire as expected. The purchase_stape doesn’t seem to be pushed. I’ve checked the configurations and scripts, but I can’t identify the problem. Has anyone else encountered this problem, or does anyone have any idea what might be causing this problem and how to fix it?

please show us Stape app dataLayer tab, let make sure everything is configured correctly

Everything is correctly configured, I even added the pixel

Are you on checkout extensibility for the ty-page? I wager you are, and this checkbox then needs to be ticked.

I don’t have the checkout extensibility page because I’m not on Shopify anymore. How do I check for one page checkout extensibility?

I checked this box to test, I did not see the purchase event displayed in the debug.

If you are not on Shopify, why are we discussing Shopify app and dataLayer? what exactly do you mean by this? The app, obviously only covers Shopify.

Go to Settings → Checkout in Shopify. If closer to the bottom of the page you have a box called 'Additional Scripts" and ability to put stuff there - you are not on extensibility. If that box doesn’t exist or is grayed out - you are on checkout extensibility and need to tick the checkbox in the app.

I also recommend reading this: How to use the stape app for setting up Shopify server-side tagging to understand how to debug events on extensibility.

I expressed myself badly, I wanted to say that I didn’t have the Shopify Plus version, I have the classic version and the extension is generally used on Shopify Plus.

As you can see, we can add code on the payment page so I’m not in extensibility?

  1. Shopify Plus or not has nothing to do with Checkout Extensibility

  2. Your shop doesn’t seem to use it though

  3. Can you please a) tick that checkbox anyway b) share the URL of the site

Okay, it’s done

Here is the link : https://ladoucebarbe.com/

I looked and I see that all events including begin checkout and add payment info work without problems. So there should not be any problems with the purchase event in the data layer.

Need more details with screenshots/debugging video where you determined that the purchase event is not working.

Yes, I made it clear that it is the “purchase” event that is not sent. Add a payment, etc. works very well. It’s at the level when we paid, the event is not sent as you can see.

in debug GTM server
there is no purchase

Do you use any upsell apps with offers on the post purchase page?

Also, try in the plugin settings to set the checkbox to use extensibility for thank you page (in this case the event is sent to sandbox) and check again. But in this case check the data layer not in the TOP window, but select the sandbox (there can be several of them, depending on the number of customer events you have added to Shopify, some of them will have your container and purchase_stape event).

I use no incentive application, I validated the extensibility checkbox but still nothing happens, I simulated the purchase, the sendbox console disappears on the payment page. As you can see :