Unsure if setup is correct No data showing

So, After setting it up and letting CAPIG run for a day i think my setup is incorrect. Why do i say this? because i found some weird things.

  1. i get this error and cant see data coming in “Overview page is not displaying event data. Please visit Events Manager to learn more”

  2. under Partner Integrations on Facebook the Website Origin is blank. Shouldnt there be my Root domain?

  3. I currently have the web pixel setup via shopify sales channel. Should i put this on Conservative Data sharing which basically just uses the Pixel ? or should i leave it at maximum which uses Pixel advanced matching and conversions api? im unsure if that would be in conflict with CAPIG

Now for my General Questions:

Whats the usual setup for web events? do people prefer just using Partner Integrations like shopify for example or should i Install the web pixel via Google tag manager? what would be the benefits of that over going with the shopify sales channel.

  1. Did you look into Events Manager?

  2. Not really, no.

  3. If you’re relying on Shopify native integration then running CAPI Gateway is redundant, that integration already sends hits to CAPI.

Your general question: depends on your requirements, native app is quick and easy solution if it deliveres enough and you’re happy with the result then nothing additional is needed. Integration through GTM while requiring more effort would give you more control, transparency and ability to introduce custom events (ones that the app will not send)

  1. I have looked in the events manager. I couldnt really find anything. I have whitelisted my root domain and all subdomains in the pixel settings.

  2. So before i will set up GtM should i use Conservative Data sharing in the native integration? since this wont use the capi as far as i know.

Your should read-up on that app settings, I don’t remember if you can disable the CAPI part there at all.

Okay so your solution if you were in my place is to just go with GtM for web events.

Also quick follow up question. Should i replace the googletagmanager.com domain in the GTM code snippet with my custom subdomain used for CAPIG ? or just leave it like default? thanks a lot

Like I told you if you use native Shopify app - anything else is excessive unless you know why you’re doing it.

If you’re trying to have only web event so that you can use Gateway - that’s a null sum game, you’re getting the same outcome.

Least resistance - put max data sharing on the app, and turn off everything else. You have both web and server events that way, and they are good enough for a basic setup.

I understand your point. The only reason why i want to try this setup is because with Max data sharing it still only showed about 70% of conversion data. And event match quality was low as well. I Managed to install GTM for pixel But unfortunetly it tracks up until initiate checkout and then no Purchases.

There are a lot of potential reasons for that 70% data situation, the ‘level’ in the app has nothing to do with it. The issue is most likely adblockers and other blocking tools + your shop native reasons, such as for instance upsell apps (kinda hellish to track properly on Shopify).

The best solution would be ofc tracking with GTM + sGTM, but that’s require some effort and know-how, and is dependant not only on your implementation per se, but the underlying shop situation.

Thanks! Last Question i have. I managed to setup GTM for pixel and it gets all the events and data layer stuff. Now only 1 Question Remains for me. This Data Routing stuff

Do i need to put the Conversions API Gateway domain the optimized one in the Tag manager code? replacing googletagmanager.com with the new domain?

There’s no custom loader for GTM available if you’re using Gateway, so changing that URL simply won’t work. If however you run sGTM, then yes, by all means do change the loader URL