Unknown Variable Type + Unknown Tag Type


I am playing with GTM for a new website and I get Unknown Variable Type (only for some of variables) + Unknown Tag Type.
Everything is published.

In Variable tab in GTM everything looks normal.

I must be doing smth wrong and even after searching the whole internet I was unable to find and resolve the issues.

(For data layer I am using GTM4WP
For Account I have User Role and for Container I have Publish Permissions
if this info could help somehow…)

Any idea what could be the reason?


Hey Alin,

I’m not sure what the cause could be, I’ve only encountered this as a preview mode bug. After restarting (sometimes you also need to clear cookies) everything works fine.

Yeah, it seems like after a day things are back to normal.

But if I add a new tag (since it is a new GTM setup, new tags are added constantly) I have to wait some time until GTM recognize the tag and the variables.

Very-very weird.

That sounds weird. I’ve never seen that before.
If it’s a problem on a container with Stape hosting - create ticket for support, maybe container redeploy can help with this.

Oh, no, is not the case.
There is nothing related to a stape container.
So, you guys, have nothing to worry about.

I conclude that is just a bug that „magically” disappears after a couple of hours, or maybe a day.