Undefined Data Client

It seems that I am not catching the data from the client and it shows undefined

if someone could help me i would really appreciate it

I have already installed the code in the header of the theme before the gtm


It looks like you are trying to get email from dataLayer on web container, but this data is simply not in the dataLayer, you can check this in the Data Layer tab of the web container in preview mode and see what data is present there.

You are right, I have verified and if it sends all the parameters only if the user is logged in, but I do not receive the emails that they place in the newsletter, while the pixel does receive it

You need to check that these data are available in the dataLayer when the event is sent, judging by the screenshots they are not in the dataLayer so you get undefined.

if it works perfect, I realized that the user must be logging in to ask to send all the information