Unable to import into the web container the data tag


I am trying to fully configure the Facebook Conversions API.
I have succeed but it still require user_data parameters. I saw on your blog post that you have a data tag for the web container and a data client for the server container that can fully do this job. I can not import the data container over the web container.import error
Can you please guide me through this user_data final implementation.

You try to import the Tag template as a container.
But you need to Click on Templates → Tag Templates → New. Then, in the right upper corner, click on dots and choose import.

GTM Templates
Import GTM Tag Template

Thanks that was the problem. But I cannot receive user data parameters to server side container just yet and I don’t know what i am doing wrong because web container sends the user data.
I don’t know if I need to import the data client because when I try to import the template like I did with the data client, it gives me an error.
Can you please guide me? Is it a step that I miss?user data not receiving on the server continer error when i try to import data-client-main on the server template

You need to install Data Client in GTM SS first. Without it, you will don’t get requests from the WEB container.

You can import the Data Client template into the Client template section in the GTM SS container.

GTM Server Side Client template

And don’t forget to set “GTM Server Preview HTTP header” like described in Sending Data From the Google Tag Manager Web Container to the Server Container blog post.

Thanks so much for your reply but still I cannot receive any client data on the server side.
I tried many configuration variants but with no luck.
I attached you screenshots for every step.
As you can see the data tag from the web container is sending the user data (second screenshot).
But when i check the debugging mode of the server container there is no client request (fifth screenshot).
I think that is the main problem.
Can you please guide because I am missing something and i dont know what.
1st - facebook data tag configuration
2nd - facebook tag details - sending the user data
3rd - server client configuration
4th - server tag configuration
5th - Facebook Request Data to Event Data not fired
6th - facebook tag fired
7th -  no user data received

Hi Nita_Mihai! In your first photo, how can you hash the variable email? I have the same problem, i don’t understand to pass the data, so I follow this topic… thanks

For sure, there is some issue with sending data from the web Container.

To fix that I suggest you:

  • Change Request method from POST to GET in Data Tag.
  • Check the network tab in the chrome debugger maybe you will see there some errors.

Data Tag GET

Chrome Data request debugger

Hello, I have a data layer variable for that. The variable came from an extension in my online store which is opencart based. Also you can use the the normal email and then apply the transformation

how can you take data layer? the variable… can you show me how you created it?

That is the tricky part. It must be done by a developer. Or you can add a plugin that is capable of that for your specific platform that your online store is using. The plugin is usually a google tag manager. And it must have the data tag included.

Still no luck even with the get request type.
I still believe is a problem with the client of the server side. The one that Imported via Client Templates the Request Data to Event Data.
I say this because when I check the output of the preview of the server side container I don’t see it in the client tab as I see the Universal Analytics Client.
I have no errors in the network.
no error
No Request Data to Event Data Client working

According to your screenshot, you already get events from the Data tag to the Data client.
All requests started with “data” are claimed by the Data client.

Request that you show is claimed by the “Universal Analytics” client because this request was sent by UA tag on the web.

No Request Data to Event Data Client working

And don’t forget, you need to reconfigure triggers for server Facebook tag to trigger on Data client.

Data client trigger