Two GTM same page, one with Custom Loader

Hi, for a series of reasons I have to install two GTMs on the same page and shared dataLayer.
One will have the standard GTM script and for the other I wanted to use the “Custom Loader” feature.

Have you already tried this type of configuration?
Can I get into conflict or generate problems?

Thank you

Loader itself will not cause any problems, your two individual containers sharing a dataLayer - might, but that would depend on what and how you run inside those containers.

Ok, thanks.

Can I have two different Tag Settings in different GTM Client Sides?
One with server side settings (server_container_url) and the other with standard client-side settings?

Can they interfere with each other?

if both report to the same GA4 property than you would have very messy data, if they report to different properties - with a proper setup should be OK.