Two different _fbp values

I am using Facebook Pixel template on client side and Facebook Conversion API template from Stape on the server-side.

  • Generate _fbp cookie if it not exist enabled
  • gtmeec enabled
  • HttpOnly cookies enabled

The server side generates _fbp on while client side generates a different one, but on

server-side looks like this fb.1.1712315287384.1910230549
client-side looks like this fb.2.1712318325746.454156705

Any ideas what could be causing this?

Thank you!

Did you expect these cookies to be the same?
They are just browser generated id’s, in your case one is generated JS code from FB event, the other is generated and set from server-side tag. So it doesn’t look like you have a problem. Although if you use web events - you don’t need to use http only cookies to make web events and server events send the same fbp.