Traffic lost from google / meta

In the last two days 2/3 of our google ad clicks don’t get to the website anymore. (303 clicks >>> 105 unique visitors)

Over the year, 80% of clicks on Google are unique visitors, and not the current 30%…on Facebook 50% for the year, now 15% for the last three days.

I have no idea why. Total fail today.

Ever seen in your google accounts something like this?

Help would be much appreciated, I am totally clueless about the reason.

The only thing I can think of usually would be people quitting if the site was super slow / broken, but it all looks fine in that regard. So weird.

I would recommend checking the consent settings if you are using it. Perhaps your consent banner is small and can be ignored, and without consent confirmation your events don’t work?

Also make sure that everywhere users land there is GTM and page view events are working.