Traffic assigned to Unassigned GA4

Hi there,

I have set up a ga4 tag in a GTM ss container, through Stape. All works fine and I collect a lot more data. However, a lot of this new data is put under Unassigned in GA4. Within this traffic source the session with engagement are also really low. It looks like the original traffic source is not passed through to GA4. How can we fix this? Which setting am I missing? And can we also make sure that session with engagement are measured properly?

This is how the containers are set up:

web container:

just used the server url in the transport url in the GA4 tag

server side container:

Hope that someone can help out.



Hey, I recommend running server debug mode and checking that all GA4 events pass through the server. Maybe the reason is that your event is triggered before Config is triggered, and the site code may have an old gtag with different settings that are accepted in this case. This is quite common.