TikTok Viewcontent event problem please help

Hi, Ive setup TikTok servside, and my viewcontent event is showing up when im testing it as seen in the screenshot. I am also getting a 200 outgoing request to TikTok in Tag manager - so it should work. However when i check in events you can see that viewcontent graph as just died even tho it looks like it works when testing… what could be wrong?

If you click on the outgoing request to TikTok on sGTM, is there any error in the response body? Perhaps there is some validation issue and the request does not go through, despite server responding 200

Thank you for reply.

I am getting this in the request body

That’s request body, and you need to take a look at response. But looks like you have incorrectly formatted parameters in the payload - content_type should be a part of contents object as far as I remember

Alright, i took a look in the response

That’s headers, what is in the body?

yeah sorry here it is

well, the event is successfully reported to TikTok, no error has been returned. By the way, what warning does it show in the Diagnostics? (actually if it’s in diagnostics - then it indeed is delivered to TikTok)

yeah its kinda weird… dont know if its ui glitch or something. We are missing content_id, but we dont have that in the datalayer and we are not running Video shopping ads anyways, so it shouldnt be a problem?

well yeah, as you see the events are being delivered, so there might really be a UI glitch