TikTok Pixel Empty Event Problem

Hello Everyone,
Currently, I am facing an Empty Event Name issue of the TikTok Browser Tracking. When I setup TikTok Pixel Code and then go to Check Test but tiktok Show Empity Event Name Issues. I have many Tryed but I don’t understand that How will solve this? Please see SS.

Can you show screenshots of the tags you have configured?

Yeah Sure, Please See:

  1. TikTok Base code or Pixel Setup

  2. TikTok View Content tag

  3. TikTok Add to Cart Tag

So Every Tag Clearly fired and showing in TikTok Event Manager but with coming to Empity Event See this SS:

I see that you are using tag sequencing on the tags, try removing it

After removing the tag sequence then show same issues see:

I don’t understand how to solve this.

It looks strange, I’ve never seen this problem before. Maybe you should try to create a new pixel or contact TiKTok support.

Ok Thanks for Advice and support

I have the same problem. @Ridoy_Biswas Were you able to solve it?