TikTok Events API - Testing with TikTok App throws error

Hi there,

I have a weird error.

I set up TikTok Browser and Server-side Tracking with GTM/SGTM and use the Stape TikTok server-side tag.

When I use a normal browser (desktop or mobile) for the TikTok test event tool (QR code in the pixel test event manager) for the pixel, all is working fine, i.e. server and browser event come in all fine without error.

However, when testing the same link/QR code with the TikTok mobile app, I get the error for the server event that the IP address and user agent are not formatted correctly. (see screenshot).

The browser event is fine. And again this only happens when testing with the TikTok app. I’m already sending the user agent and ip in the user data fields of the TikTok server-side tag. Also using the latest version of the tag from GitHub. Pixel is set up in developer mode.

I also see a very low conversion attribution for this pixel (not sure if that is directly related or not).

Have you run into this and do you have a solution for this?

Thanks a lot!

How do you transfer data from the web to the server? Look like it can be because of reduced user data on the client.

I’m using the GA4 tags and clients to send data from the web container to the server. Will try data tag and report back

Exact same issue when using Data Client and Data Tag.

That is, other browsers on the same device work fine, it just throws the IP and user agent error when using the TikTok app itself (which naturally 99% of people do when clicking on TT ads).

Some Screenshots:

Incoming server requests from web container:

Tiktok tag Config:

Request to TikTok Server:

According to the documentation and your request, all looks properly.

Did you try to ask this question on TikTok support? And did you try the same with other test ad accounts and pixels? On FB, it’s pretty common to have errors because of an old account, but I never had such issues with TikTok.

Thanks Denis, for taking the time to look into this! So far I didn’t connect with TikTok support.

But I was able to reproduce it on other accounts that use SGTM for TikTok Events API.

A current client of mine kept telling me that he was seeing this when testing TT, and I never could reproduce it until I installed TT app and tested it with the app. And then I went back to previous setups and could reproduce it there as well.

So I’m quite puzzled what might be causing this.