TikTok Event API Contents Peremeter Probelm

Hello Everyone,
I hope you are doing great. But I am not a good one Because Lately, I am facing some issues in the contents perimeters of TikTok Event API. When i go to test then I see Not show all product data in the contents perimeter. please see this ss and could you tell me please how can I solve this issue?

type or paste code here

The response to your question is in your screenshot, your contents parameter is missing content_id key, here’s the description of that param:


Thanks but When i add Item id variable but tiktok show the same issue

I don’t understand your comment, you add item id variable where? If you want to get some help - please outline the situation in full, add some screenshots - anything to work with.

Bottom line is your contents object must be structured as the documentation requires. Your error stems from the fact you’re not sending correct payload.