TikTok Conversion API event error

Hi Stape Team,
I am using stape TikTok tag for server-side tracking of TikTok. when i testing after implementation I am facing a issue. when I Purchased 1 product it is not give any issue but when I purchased multiple items it give a error [ The content type for one or more of your events is invalid. Content type must be either “product” or “product_group”].How i can solve this issue for CompletePayment, InitiateCheckout event?


You need to pass content_type parameter with either product or product_group value, exactly as the error tells you.

Hi Dan,
I am very sorry for late reply, if anyone buy 1 product it don’t show any issues it’s only for multiple products. and stape server tag template not have any option for adding additional parameters.

Stape TikTok tag allows override any parameter.
Here is example on how to override contents (Product data).