Tik Tok API event platform doubts

Good afternoon Stape community, how are you?

I am writing to you because we are using the TikTok Ads measurement tag in the Server Side container. Just like we do for Meta Ads, we inherit all the events from Analytics 4.

However, there are some issues that we don’t quite understand, and we were hoping you could help us out:

1.- In the TikTok events panel, we notice that the server-measured events are the following:

  • “View Content / ViewContent”

  • “Form Submit / Form Submit”

  • “Place an Order / place an order”

When we create an event with GA4 tags and the name doesn’t match a standard Meta Ads event, it appears in the Meta Ads events platform with the custom name we assigned. If the event name we created in GA4 matches, it will be displayed as a standard event on the platform.

On the other hand, we observe that in TikTok Ads, in the events panel, all the events shown have standard event names, and moreover, only those three I mentioned earlier are measured. What surprises us about this situation is that the only event with a similar name to how it is called in TikTok is the ViewContent. The other two don’t match TikTok’s standard event names, and we don’t know how it is possible that TikTok detects them as standard events.

Additionally (please consider this a separate inquiry),

We have observed that since yesterday, 04/25, the following events have started being measured:

  • “Add to Cart / Add to cart”

  • “Initiate Checkout / Initiate Checkout”

These events are measured via both browser and server when we haven’t made any changes to GA4 tags or TikTok in Tag Manager.

Thank you in advance.


It looks strange, to avoid such problems I would recommend not using the inherit from client function in the tags. Instead use override and create a separate tag for each event you want to send to TikTok, also fill the tag with required data separately and use a separate trigger. It goes something like this:

This way you’ll be sure to send the right event with all the data you need.