There are more browser than server events

Hello guys! I faced such an issue. After installation there is more browser than server events in Events manager. Can someone advise on what the problem is and how to solve it?

Usually, an issue is that some other tools outside GTM trigger FB. And in this case, there is over-reporting on the web.

What is the solution?

The goal is to identify either web events are overreporting or server events are missing. I suggest using web and server debugger + website console to test tracking setup.

The problem is that I have the same problem on 4 websites I work with, and only when i use facebook CAPI template by stape. When i use facebookinfubator’s everything is kinda ok.


You need to look for:

a) native FB integrations for whichever platform your sites are built on
b) Pixel within the code base itself
3) 3d party integrations

Please share the URL in question, I’ll take a quick look



Hi Dan. Here is the URL- Thank you.

Hi, Dan. Any updates?


On the surface of it there’s no double reporting on the browser, at least for things like page_view and view_content. As such, extra page_views potentially originate from another website.

Hi guys, I have the same problem.
I have made sure that the labels are configured correctly.

I have done the debug check on both the server and the browser and everything is fine.

But in all the events, except for the purchase event, there are more events sent from the browser than from the server.

Hi Antonio,

I would start by adding a custom parameter to your page_view tag, something hard-coded to signify this is actually your hit. Then in couple of days you can look into ‘recent activity’ on that event to check if all Browser events carry that parameter.

If not all of them have it - that’s your clue that somehow some extra ones are being sent. Should you come to such conclusion, well, that’s a story for another day :slight_smile:

p.s. there is so much variation to why this could be happening, hard to answer definitively w/o more info and tests.

Hi again Dan,
I have tried what you said. I have made the following screenshot, in it you can see events that the browser picks up that have no parameters. Is this what you meant in your last message? Do you mean that these particular events are being counted “extra”? And if this is the case, how can we fix it?

Hello Antonio,

Yes, this a good indication.

As to fixing it - there’s no guide. You need to understand what sends those events. Could be a tag in GTM, could be an inline code, code be a pluging/3d party integration of some sort.

Dear. Dan : .

can i send my url i have same problem but at purchase event


Hello @mutafasila_osama the URL doesn’t tell me much cause we are talking about Purchase event. This seems to be the same thing you had with page_views - something is over-reporting on the client side, you need to figure out what that is.