The client that claimed the request did not send a response

Hi. I havу a site made on Tilda.
I did all by your instruction but Tags tab in SS container is empty and in Console tab I have an error
The client that claimed the request did not send a response.

However I see that http request appeared and has all info in it

What am I doing wrong?

And one more thing. I had some CORS policy errors on my site. Then I replaced the POST request with GET and they disappeared. Is it correct?

Usually, this happens because you didn’t publish the GTM SS container with Data Client. It must be published before it will work correctly.

What trigger do you use for your Tags on GTM SS?
Did you try to setup FB CAPI or something other?

Can you please provide more info about your setup? Screenshot of Data tag + trigger, screenshots of the debugger with these errors, and any other info that can help to find the issue.

I did it several times. Tried to do this before every preview launch

For tests I use All Pages trigger

Yes I tried to setup FB CAPI

Thanks for the fast response. Can you also send a screenshot of the Request tab and show what requests you see in Chrome Dev Tools.

I have an error in console

Please send you the GTM SS setup. Tags and triggers that should fire. Also, network tab with all requests filtered by word data.

This error issue regarding GA setup. Look like there are a few issues with your setup.

Maybe you will be interested in setup for you service that we are provide

I want to try to setup all by myself. I wanna figure out what am I doing wrong.
Cause I created new website and new GTMs for it, imported your Data Tag and Data Client but without FB CAPI and all is working perfect.

You just showed Data tag in web container. I need to see your server tags and triggers.

Do I need any Tags and Triggers in Server container to get the request and view it in Preview?

For now I have several Tags in Server container (including FB CAPI) but only Analytics Tag has a trigger.

Usually you shouldn’t. But I don’t see other issues. Just try to add the Data client trigger to FB CAPI tag.

Ok, I’ll try and will write here the result

Hi, I’m sorry but what did you mean “add the Data client trigger”?

For example

Thank you so much, Denis

But something went wrong and I don’t see Client Name in Some Events

You need to enable Client Name variable in the server container.

thanks. completely forgot about it