Test events problems

the screenshot from above got me confused, I don’t know if there is some problem with my configuration. It was all working fine, but I recently wanted to test the events bc of “low quality coincidence data” in my purchase event.

Those “custom event” in yellow are supposed to be VIEWCONTENT, but nothing appears in the test on facebook, but it seems ok in the gtm server side, the only event that is working in the test is the PAGEVIEW, all the others appear as “custom event”

what could be the problem ?

Hello Freddy, if there is correct data in the sGTM request that sends info to FB CAPI on a view content event, it might be a bug in the FB testing tool.

I suggest testing another browser or testing it the next day.

I tested in other browsers, but I get the same result:
it just record the PageView on browser & server and deduplicate , on the others just record the browser:

what could be the problem ?

Hi Freddy,

This is a bug within Event Test Tool that hasn’t been fixed for a while now. I suggest you debug by looking at parameters within GTM/sGTM preview.

Far as I can tell, Test Tool only displays page_views and custom events correctly.