Tagging WooCommerce Enhanced Ecommerce Data

Hi, I have a problem with tagging data in WooCommerce, basically I have fully working setup except Enhanced Ecommerce Data.

In more organized manner:

  1. I have created my subdomain (gtm(dot)pinswear(dot)com) for my main domain (pinswear(dot)com);
  2. I have followed this article:
  1. As long as I know, everything is working right:
  • analytics.js and gtm.js are loaded from gtm.pinswear.com;
  • in Analytics panel I can see basic data: visitors, channels, time on site, etc.;
  • I can see my custom click events;
  • Stape panel is showing usage progress.
  1. The problem: there is absolutely no Enhanced Ecommerce data: transactions, sessions with product views, sessions with not empty cart, etc. I have triple checked the setup, and I can’t find any issues.

The only part of a manual I can’t understand is #11:

Test tag that you’ve created in the previous step. To do that, enable web and server container preview modes. Click on the event name, check that GTM sees variables and event data.

The store was collecting Enhanced Ecommerce Data with previous (standard) setup, so it’s probably not the issue.

Please let me know, if you have any similar experiences, or any ideas about the issue — I have all of the data except the most important one.

Hi Artur,

Well, the best way is to launch debug of both containers, trigger an EE event and see what’s going there. Seems to me that either triggers are wrong or perhaps something is overlooked in the setup.