Taggin server url

Hello, I have a problem with tagging server URL. Can you please help?

Please check that you’ve set up the UA tag inside the GTM server container. Step #4 from this article.

I had this one as well, should it be any different?

I think i understood the problem, i put stape Tagging Server URL here, when I should have done transport url.
But I don’t get where I should find transport url?

and there is like nothing in debug mode

did you update the Server container URL in the GTM server container settings?

Yes, I did
Its strange because in stape I see that its working but its not visible in aalytics

And besides from the backside everything is okay? So what is the problem or solution?

You added Transport URL to the UA variable that is used only for EE events. Your pageview UA event doesn’t use a transport URL.

Thanks a lot. It helped