Tag Sequencing in Server Side Container

when i have 3 tags in my server side container and all three have as trigger “Client=Data” for example, is there a way how to get here a sequence easy?

I am wondering because i dont really find anything about that.

In my case i would like to have this sequence

  1. Web Container → Server Container (Firewriter Tag)
  2. Web Container → Server Container with read of the firewriter
  3. Web Container → Server Container → Send

What would be a good way that firewriter starts before the 2nd ? I thought about data tag and data layer push back to web container and then a new trigger in web container of the datalayer push. But is there a easier way i dont see?


Normally events when you need to save something into Firestore and query from Firestore are different events, otherwise why don’t you just use what you’re trying to store? To me this answers step 1.

Step 2 and 3 I don’t get why they need to be separate events? You can read from Firestore and then plug that result into a tag and have it fire on the same incoming event


the reason for asking this is that when something is written to firestore and should be read by lookuo immedietely it is unknown because it isnt written already. Right now i am doing it with a timer in web container.

If you are writing something to Firestore - you already have that piece of data, why do you need to immediately look it up if you have it as part of your incoming event? You can store and in parallel just use what you’re storing w/o looking it up, no?

In any case, no, there aren’t any simple sequencing approaches available out of the box, you can either control sequencing from the web like you already do, or perhaps generate whatever ‘interim’ events you need by sending requests from the server to yourself with a custom HTTP request

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