Tag priorization best practice question

Hello Stape.IO community,

I have a question about the best practices for tag priorization. Specifically, I have a product page where the view_item tag is currently being triggered on the window_load event, but I want to move it to the container_load event instead. There will be a lot of other tags in the same trigger, so I’m not sure how to prioritize them.

For example, should the GA4 tag be triggered before or after the Conversion Linker tag? And what about Google ADS? I’m assuming that the Conversion Linker tag should be prioritized first, but I’m not sure.

Any guidance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you very much.


This is the open.ia answer :

"Hello Sylvain.R,

Tag priorization is the process of deciding the order in which tags should be fired on a webpage. This can be important because some tags may depend on others to function correctly or because certain tags may need to be fired before others for tracking or marketing purposes.

In the case of your product page, it sounds like you want to move the view_item tag from the windows_load trigger to the container_load trigger. This is a good idea because the container_load trigger will fire later in the page loading process, which means that the view_item tag will be more accurate because it will be fired when more of the page has loaded.

As for the best practices for tag priorization, here are a few things to consider:

  1. Make sure that any tags that depend on other tags are fired after the tags they depend on. For example, if the Conversion Linker tag depends on the Google Analytics tag, then you should make sure that the Google Analytics tag is fired before the Conversion Linker tag.
  2. Consider the order in which tags will be fired based on their importance. If there are certain tags that are more important for your tracking or marketing efforts, then you may want to prioritize those tags by firing them earlier in the page loading process.
  3. Try to minimize the number of tags that are fired on each trigger. If you have a lot of tags that are all firing on the same trigger, it can slow down the page loading process. Instead, try to spread out the tags across multiple triggers so that they are fired in a more sequential manner.

I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.

Best, Assistant"

That’s mean I should priorize GA4 => Conversion Linker => GAds ?


I don’t think such guides exist, I haven’t come across them. But open.ia has formulated the point correctly - dependent tags need to be triggered later. For example for GA4 it is necessary for GA4 Config to be fired before GA4 event tag, otherwise it just won’t send because GA4 Config contains a measurment id.
So I can recommend that all config and pageview tags are triggered on container loaded, and the others later on DOM or Window loaded.
Also, Google ADS and Conversion Linker can be completely moved to server side to remove their work from the web container.