System error in Server-Side Wordpress

Hey there, thank you for creating such an informative system and blog.I have some problems implementing the Server-Side on Wordpress, and don’t really understand why.

After I’ve installed the gtm4wp plugin and connected it to your server-side plugin and made all the explained steps, I can’t open the preview mode in the web container and also receive am error in server-side like no client claimed the request (400).

But before implementing the server-side plugin the gtm4wp worked well and pushed all the data from dataLayers, also the preview mode was working.

Where can be the problem?

It would be a pleasure for me if you can help me.

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Thanks for the warm words.
You get this error because you use Google App Engine for hosting your GTM SS container.

All our tutorials explain how to setup everything using GTM Server as a hosting solution for your GTM Server Side container.

Our service simplifies a lot of things during GTM SS setup and that’s why we omit some necessary steps for Google App Engine in the tutorial.

In your case, you need to setup “Google Tag Manager: Web Container” client in your GTM SS container.
And then also setup GA4 or UA client (depending on what you use) according to this guide.

Or just use our service where all these things and more done automatically.

Thank you so much for explaining to me that, in near future, I’m planning to use your gtm-server system and migrate here. You’re really simplifying that process a lot!
One more question, when I use my debug mode for both Web and Server container at the same time, both of them are firing the right events and when I stop the Web debug view, the Server-side stops receiving these events. Is that a problem or in the backend they’re still firing?

Sorry my fault, the solution was just publishing the containers .
One more time thank you, you’re really doing a great job.

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