Switch out GA4 tags for Data Tags only

I’ve had an issue with incorrect tracking and error 499’s. So I read a post about switching to the stape.io Data tags in the client GTM instead of the normal GA4 . With data tags you can enable this function: “Use fetch instead of XMLHttpRequest”, which seems to help, but now I don’t get any connection to GA4.

I switched all my client GA4 tags to data tags.
Changed so the server side GA4 tag fires on events from the data tag.

The GA4 debugview dosen’t work and the same with the real time report

For GA4 tracking, you should not use Data Tag.
The code of GA4 tag is closed and it is not clear what it does, so if you want to use normal GA4 tracking, it is better to use GA4 tags for it.

Data Tag is designed to send data to a server for use in non-Google platforms like Facebook, TikTok, Snapchat, Matomo, Klaviyo, etc.

499 errors indicate that the client closed the connection before the request was processed. This can often happen if you have some events configured on clicks after which the user is redirected to another page. It is better to redo such events so that they work on page loading, not on clicks.
Also, these errors can occur on events that Ga4 tracks automatically, such as form_start and form_submit - this is normal.