Support for batching API event calls?

I’m wanting to implement Reddit events tracking through their API. However, they limit their calls to 1 per second. I’m concerned we may have more than 1 per second. Is there any feature/support for batching events on a container hosted on a server? If it helps, it’s hosted on a Pro+ plan.

hey @Megan_Blevins

there is batching capabilities for incoming hits, but not outgoing ones, sGTM is built as real-time tool really

now, regarding Reddit itself, could you please link the API you’re referring to? We’re considering developing a tag template

Sure! I haven’t used this yet, so I’m not sure of it’s viability, but this is what I’ve been looking at:

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Thanks. We definitely need to create a tag for this.

a limit of 10 requests/second and 1,000 events/request

And this is only for conversions. I think you should be safe in case you do not have more than 10 purchases in one second.

I will do my best and maybe on Monday, you will get this tag :wink:
Not sure if will have enough time on the weekend.

Yes, I had read it incorrectly as 1 per second, which was not going to cut it. We’re sending a few events so I added it up to be consistently a little over 1 per second, so it would often double up in a second. But 10 should be just fine!

You do have to be whitelisted to use the API, and they’ve not yet whitelisted us, so you’ve got a little time.

But wow, you move fast! Thank you for running with this so quickly! It’s super helpful!

Tag is Ready GitHub - stape-io/reddit-tag: Reddit tag for Google Tag Manager Server Side

There is only one issue with Authorization Reddit Advertising API Documentation
Reddit has only one hour-long access token.

I created a post on Reddit. Maybe they will help with this.

You can like my post on Reddit :wink:
Maybe we can gather ore attention to it.

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Does your implementation depend on their resolving the token timeout issue, or can I start implementing this tag immediately?

If it depends on the token timeout resolution, if Reddit doesn’t plan to resolve this for you in a timely manner, do you plan to implement the workaround?

Just checking to see if I need to implement my own token retrieval and save.

Thank you so much for your help and support with this!

@Megan_Blevins at this point we’re not handling their token stuff anyhow, our expectation is it has to be ultimately addressed by Reddit, just needs to get enough traction.

As such you can use the tag but would need something custom on the side to handle the token situation.