Suddenly No Purchases in stape log

we are using two stape container and everything is working great but today i looked into the log and have seen that there are no purchases anymore - all oteher ecommerce events are there. But i can see the purchase in GA4 realtime.

Is there an error at the moment in the logs? Because we didnt change anything and its only missing today

Hmmm. Really strange. The last purchase that was some minutes ago is there … The three orders before not. Yesterday all are there.

This could be because, for some reason, your GA4 queries are in some cases being sent directly to analytics instead of the server-side GTM container.
The usual reasons for this are:

  • gtag initialisation in code that rewrites your config from GTM
  • concurrent use of multiple ga4 configs
  • linking GA4 and UA in settings + possibly old ga() scripts in code

I would recommend making a set of tests and checking in the code whether the request always goes to the server url. Or maybe sometimes it goes directly to

Also note that if the request was sent as a post (GA4 itself determines how to send the request) - it will be encrypted and in Stape logs you will not be able to see it as a purchase ga4 log.